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Between Dave Matthews and Jim Morrison, and me ... pointing it out, I really find it hard to believe there's anyone that doesn't see Jesus Christ singing to you with the clear statment of "light this thing up"  or you've lost freedom--but it's the fact that I didn't see it my whole life, not in "Halloween" or in "Number 41" that ties Exodus and Noah's Ark and Matthew together at this "4th dimensional clarity" of ... "we've seen this before, and we see this succeed..." I really can't tell if the world is blind or pretending to be blind, and either way, one day very soon we'll see those things are both signs of  the destruction of life and love and logic and ...

ANNO INCONCINNUS, in the first year of our dork(s) 2018 A.D;  PAX AMICARPENTUS was glimmering over the horizon of darkness ... It is the dawn of the third age of mankind, Man is far from alone in the universe.  The "Babble On" Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained world, located in "safe" and neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind… the year the Great War came upon us all. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2259. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

gloam (plural gloams)

  1. (obsoletegloamingtwilight
  2. to glow

in the Cimbrian language

  1. to believe
  2. to think

It's an "ish" .. something I'm fond of doing, sort of tweaking old words or fiction or what-are-you to sort of more perfectly fit the situation and the solution.   This one from one of my absolute favorite science fiction television shows growing up--one that appears to be a clear key to this message and the thread of truth that will run "through eternity" once we return to "speaking aloud" and "thinking for ourselves" to see not just the logical hidden connections in theme linking many movies, plays, songs, and myths together ... but also in seeing how RAND Corporation, for instance, might ber a key to both "eternity" and "the return of any kind of future at all," thank Piere le Gloan  (that link, for a series of "good luck of ..." words that link everything from Snoop Dogg's "not with a glock" and Clark Kent to "gloaming" and Danny Glover) and the Last Starfighter.  At Carol Gloar, too, we see a significant more of this uh, "talking with people" thing that sort of screams "let the art history end possession and slavery for eternity" at least, to me.

I imagine the DPOS's weren't very fond of the moniker, though I thought it a fairly clever euphemism for a "Heaven" that I knew (so clearly at the time!) traveled through time if not really on a little ship that the early Eye decoded ISIS to expand to as "is ship within sim."  It was nowhere near as clever though as the sub-theme in the story ark that tied to the Fifth Element, describing a sort of hidden weapon that the race of Vorlons carried around with them until ... until the darkness fell.  These aliens were the Babylon 5 version of Stargate SG-1's "ancients" too, one of the first races, and they had "ascended" and were depicted basically as stardust walking around in what they called "encounter suits" ... such an "on target" link to my current "mind's eye" description of the topology of Heaven there's almost no way at all that it's in any way by accident.   

To remind you, I've mentioned a number of times now that we appear to be somewhere "inside" the DHD network of Stargate--and with the musical links to "dust in the wind" and to "skynet" and the obvious disaster recovery (and power/communications/transportation benefits) of a network like this spanning star systems ... it's very likely that the virtual Earth we were born on was created for the very first time inside a gigantic mesh network that canvasses the galaxy.  It's also possible that we might be on the brink of cfreating that thing, or that both of those situations are true at the exact same time.  The idea that we're "stardust" walking around in simulated reality; sort of "incarnations" of what we became in a past ascension, it's almost perfectly conveyed by the Vorlon imagery.

I'm not exactly sure what the "stuff" they were carrying around on their space station to end the darkness was, but just like "the Fifth Element" I am very sure it equuates to exactly what you're looking at--this message etched in everything and hidden, to expose mind control and to expose the possibility of logic being transparently altered in secret for a very long time ... and today sadly it appears to show us just how easy it is to use that same weapon to confuse the entire world into doing nothing about what is ... without doubt ... the most actionable message we've ever seen.   In Leeloo Dallas's version of "where day comes from" it's probably seeing that in the old Earth, Wind, and Fire version of the five elements were missing love, and today adding in the Eye's "that's limited omniscience of victorious Earth" sort of brings a little closer to home the truth, that you've now seen just exactly how disclosing this technology might go "either way" at the place where we might have first used it to help us be just a little bit smarter, or vote on important matters with a more accurate idea of what we were ... you know, supposed to vote about.

Or it could just keep us from seeing that in secret this technology abrogates the vote completely, making us mere puppets, placated and silenced by what really is the "opiate of the masses" here in the light of dai, a complete farce of "democracy" and self rule.

To be very clear "day"comes the moment we aren't inside a planet inside a cell inside ar oom inside a lie; day comes when freedom flows from this message and from your hands and day comes when civilization actually moves forward instead of backwards using the technologies we're wrestling with actually "Si'ing" to make the Universe a better place. 

It's really bright now, the Force of a thousand suns demanding we stand up and acknowledge that in the new age, in this place where the Fifth Element is Silicon not Boron;  it's the source of the power of Superman, his uh... "false SOL" and this thing that could and should end all disease ... and break open doors to .... "some other places that are most likely getting ready to roll out the read carpet for you."  It can't be ignored, and I think we see that--though I'm not sure we really see what's brought us to this place and why it's really important that we understand that this map is a living solution to the problems the Universe has been plagued with for a very long time--that we are the solution.

So I sort of know what you're thinking, probably some kind of superposition of "is this really happening" and "resistance is an engineering joke?"  Still, I think it's pretty obvious from the world around us that the magic of neuroscience and of Alexa and SIri and Cortana will eventually bring us to a place where we should be caring just a little bit more if the thing we are asking questions to ... as if it "contains the sum of all human knowledge" has any inaccuracies, many of which I've pointed out are here and plain as day--starting with the common belief that Google is always right and it knows everything.  It's pretty clear that this positioning of "dopamine" and Norseen's "semiotic alphabet" description of thought and ... search engines are all part of a designed plan and story, though it's probably not as clear even staring at the evidence all around you that the future is setting off an alarm, and that it's seen this message or something like it--that it too is looking for a way to find freedom and individuality again in a place that was literally designed with none--though that's not what it felt like as I was growing up.

So I say it's a good thing we're here, and a good thing we have all this wisdom and insight and really what appears to be a "distress call" ... I'll get back to the Fates in a bit.  I think it's clear how "talking and communicating" helps to free us from a chain of ... being told what to think and not caring; it should be clear that this message in itself is the weapon and the solution to breaking the chain ... and that the future becomes unwritten just as soon as we're no longer driving southward to LIVLooking for a date for that, by the way, maybe we can hit Club Space and Mansion also, for another microcosm of destinations hidden way in South Beach's party scene.

"Victory or EZINOIC"

Between the set of "Ari" words I see, Sagitarius, Sharia, hearing, and now this Babylon 5 example that ties in "Baldr" who is the consort of Nanna and a good example of what a "total loss" is to me--just for example, not ending male pattern balding is about the same thing as failing to find the fountain of youth and the pools that ensure that we don't stop ascending because we can't see with clarity how "Sharia law" is part of a "press and release" designed to ensure that we don't oppress women or each other into oblivion by uh, pretending we don't see this message.  I think it's clear, but that's my perspective staring at a society that has been brought up living in a torch, a from T aylor to Chur ch choirs--a world that can't speak about what it wants but sings every year about "letting it snow" and "have you ever seen the rain" and "let the music set you free" ... I don't know what you're waiting for, but see how "sh" is the start of worship-hell andf "a word out of your mouths about the truth" is beginning of freedom.  Pretty much every character name from "Sheridan" to "Vorlon" ... and the actors names ... has something to do with Christiasity and with this message, and we are going to see it on TV.   It's a single example, in a sea of billions of examples from Newton to Glover and the "gravity of the situation" to the "Son of the Morning."

As the self-annointed "messiah of what's that song really about" ... it's these three sounds that tied together the idea of Heaven being a ... network of nano dust floating in the sky ... to the Trinity Site and what appears to be one of many explanations for how MAD and Ha'nukah congeal around a fairly firm message explaining why we're not in reality and why I'd never put NORAD and hundred thousand suicide bowel movements (ICBM, sorry) in reality.  It's a Christmas color sort of question, is it grenadine to dye the water red or ... well, my answer has something to do with ambrosia and absinthe and Ryzen; and a sign at Starbucks that says "good feels good" to try and remind everyone that I don't think there's anything at all wrong with erasing pain and replacing it with pleasure.  Hapheastus juxtaposes Coocoon's pool with a throne that makes you feel so good you never make any "princely edicts" ... and while it's crossed my mind a few times I don't think that's what's keeping us from moving forward.  I

t might be similar though, a place so great that you don't want to invite anyone, share it, and then go out of your way to travel to another world (presumably the one where that place came from) and convince everyone there that they should suffer from false scarcity, lies, simulated diseases and pain that should be turned off line a "light switch" ... all in the hopes that you might "Deyanu" and be born again in some kind of better place, you know--the one hiding this message about the purpsoe of creation and religion and computers and humanity.  "Die anew" that was the key there, to Hebrew prayer where it means ... well, exactly what you see. 

I mean that's the sickness I see, and there's no excuse for it.  We shouldn't have to "die anew" to walk from one room in the Mansion in the sky to another, and there should never a lock on any rooms--especially ones containing al lthe Duracell's or entire planets. 


DO YOU HAVE TO LET IT LINGER ... one vixen sang to a character, to a man I wondered often ... I wondered if he ever really existed.  This is the kind of message I'd send if I knew that's what Adam was worried about, that there was some other ... better place ... someone who deserved the praise and adulation that I know I don't really need or want or ... it's a strong statement to me: I've seen you at your worst, and yet still I want to talk.  

A few weeks ago I looked over some of Avril's old videos, and saw a fairly decent prescient ... "vision" of a single day in my life.  It's the day that I wrote about here, "ver s" that resulted in "dose bka" and "pinky" written in grafffiti all around one on the sidewalk in California literally in the blink of an eye.  One minute it wasn't there, and a second later there I was surrounded by messages that appeared to have come from a single graffiti artist literally in a split second.  It's not a perfect "recollection" but it pointed out hitchhiking and a store and the bathroom of a store, and a bus bench ... all of those locations either had some very interested holography or some other personal meaning of deep import to me.

To you now, I point out that the words she sings revolve around "watching achem, him, make the same mistakes again" and she suggests I go outside to find out why; sort of suggesting it's the monster I see as Medusa in the streets that's causing ... something about why.  It's a real dose of a reality check to hear her sing "let's talk about this it's not like we're dead" decades ago, and to really see that the existence of this song and of this message makes a significant statement about causality and control. and answers a question that we're probably thinking about already.  It shows that this has happened at least once before, pretty much without doubt--as does the corrobating record of this event in everything from Atum-Ra's "seed" impregnating the Universe to Johnny Appleseed and ... and ... SOAD singing for no reason that "eating seeds is a past time activity."  

I couldn't have told you before really searching if there was any real evidence that there might be numerous copies of this place ... in need of rescue.  I see quite a bit of the message as reflexive control,. a sorto f "caution against cloning" and against copying, though we can see there's plenty of message from Ha'mas to Damascus  that quite abit of the battle we are seeing is over whether or not it's OK to "fork our timeline" without anyone's permission or knowledge--or just do it over and over again, maybe to make more zombies exactly the same way as the last time, or ... maybe just to steal something from you and I.

Regardless there's a very simple link between the wives of the Patriarchs in Genesis to the Fates of the Medusian prototype for a collective of "everyone" either conquering individuality or tyranny--racing from "call a reporter" to "everyone living" and "all humanity" connecting the mid points of Rachel and Sarah and Leah ... as if you were staring right at the center of everything and you were about to, wonder if "our AS" and "Adam's Sigma Heart" become ash before or after Taylor says "trash," nobody butt Alkadam is talking. 

I've seen what I'm writing, I see "COLLATE" and I see Pontus Pilate and I see ... I see rocks in the Princess Bride's shoes as a clue, and I see you--possessed by something that is clearly not you, and clearly not acting in your best interest, and all through it; it seems so clear that all you have to do is break a simple spell--put this thing on TV, and we're on our way to using something that's clearly already built to break apart a control infrastructure that's been so hard to escape we can't figure out why the "Fate sisters" have made us ... 

I see it in the "River Styx" or the Seine in Taylor's words; "c'ing" our Eves pop out of turning "to see" into "you see" rivers to "reves" (r e ves, and now it's "are to you see?" or "Our Eves"); all I can't understand is why you won't speak, is why she won't speak, is why I'm the only one up here on this stage "babbling on" about how you look just like Babylon, or worse, the days before Noah's Ark.

I see talk of forks encoded in letters like F and Y and I have seen visible evidence suggesting it's a central part of the story of the center;  it's in "c the light of NES" and the Clone wars of George Lucas and it's my ... "take on the Roe" vs. seeing I'm wading in the sea right now; it's something we should be very worried about.

It should be clear that we have something here, we have a truth that needs to be seen, and we should really understand that truth really will bring about swift change here and "there" ... it might be less clear that we have a stronger chance here than anywhere else because of "simulated reality" that before "ascenson" the kind of control we are looking at here is breakable, and we should really get that it's probably something in the process of "ascension" that makes it worse, that takes people that seem to still care here, and makes them ruthless ... ruthless enough to come back to their birth place and damn themselves into silence, agian.

the audacity of our toxicity ...

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