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I need your help; there's more at stake here than it seems... and we are closer than ever before. I'm asking for ideas. Sent Wednesday, May 18, 2016 View as plaintext
It's amazing to me how blind the world is.  I've done everything I can to try and spread this message--one which I am almost certain should be spreading like wildfire, and yet I can't gain any traction.  I've written about mind control and similar "conspiracy theories" for years before this... and had significantly better results with material which I can only describe as "boring in comparison."  I wish I had done something great to have gotten this job, that it was a prize or even something that had been hard earned; but the truth of the matter is I got really, really fucked... and that was my "spiritual awakening."  I know the world needs to wake up in a much brighter way... how?

The implications of seeing prophesy, especially one that is so old and honestly so obviously related to today ... come true, well that's staggering in and of itself.  Aside from proving the technology for time travel was there way back then, it shows that some mechanism had to be in place to ensure that the same events happened a second time--despite the huge change wrought in our world by religion.   That's made even more staggering by what today I see as nothing short of glaringly obvious links between Judeo-Christian lore and American... things like "through the night with the light above" and "from sea to shining sea" are decidedly reference to well pronounced reference to "night and day" (in my mind an allegory to location in and out of the thing that we will probably soon call "Creation" the VR world that has been our incubator) in Psalms, and surrounding the lore of Christ.   The "Holy Seas" might clearly show a pattern that parallels definitions of "AM" which I had once called the "American Messiah" in a sort of contempt for jingoism which would have placed them as the Atlantic and Pacific... not even relatively hidden is "Amicus Mundi" (a Yeats reference?) and the very obvious (to me) pattern of finding equally expanding linguistic microcosms in Adam and the initial bound SEA of Eden--which leads directly to a kind of re conceptualization of "reality" that I wish more people saw the light in--it's the kind of thing that I feel changes everything about religion.

To see a simple word like Earth so swiftly changed to "heart," and then this pivotal tool at the center of "everything apocalyptic" tie together every idiom I can think of to make a blessing in disguise out of what was once the first plague... to turn the sea to family... water to blood, in the pulsing heart of everything.  It's coincidences?  Each one individually gives me a little bit of awe, to see them all together--to see this as a puzzle that has been laid over thousands of years, through multiple languages, literally at the heart of every myth and every religion--and have it be completely unseen until now--it's magic.  It's a miracle.

Meanwhile I've sent thousands of emails, literally over 200,000--and more than anything else I get SPAM complaints.  There are people that appear to be drawing swords and defending their very lives to keep a single line from being added to their inbox--and these people--they don't get that what they are doing is creating darkness, hiding a message that really proves beyond doubt that they have a problem they need to address.  As the days go by, it seems more and more that the general allowance of the greater group to let these high strung blind fools shut down a message that has no other way... that i can think of... of spreading... well I see the darkness covering the whole land.  Granted it's been there the whole time, and granted... it's artificial and inhuman.

Who cares if it's destroying civilization, right?  This is about more than free speech, and more than secrecy and censorship... this is about a complete lack of vision, and in blindness an apathy so devastating it's ... evil.

What else can I do?  Do you have any ideas?  I mean... short of crashing a plane into a building, or sending a book back in time to change the future... is there anything I can do to become Amon-TV instead of ... hidden?


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