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Genesis 1: The Beginning Sent Friday, June 10, 2016 View as plaintext
If you're at a party, I've got a great video for you!
For this celebration of Creation (it's the Festival of Weeks) I've decided to re-send this video, which I spliced and diced, and rather enjoy. It combines a NASA broadcast of the early parts of Genesis with Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive;" which is nice.  More to the point, it shows the light that God saw in Genesis 1:4:, a correlation between the narrative of the days of creation (which are the focus of this Festival) and the message I am delivering.

In Genesis 1:3, a fraction is described, one which shows a relationship between the Spirit of God and ... everyone: the waters.  The Hebrew word is Shekinah, and it links Eve directly to "She."  To me, this word narrates the progression of the light of God, from "Eve" then to Kin, then to "AH."  These two letters stand for "All Humanity," and this equality begins to help me "derive" the Holy Grail.  This comes from seeing an expansion from microcosms in Eden to the macrocosm... at Revelation.  Eden becomes the Earth.  Adam is a reference to mankind.  The sea... the initials of the first family, become the multitude.  Combined with the magical act of Aaron's rod in Exodus, you might see how this really does create a reconceptualization of the Sang Rael: turning the sea to blood, to the family of Jesus Christ.  I suppose it's part of my story that I think I have value in decoding this message, without me things like "AH" might stand for Adam's Hand, and you'd never know.  I derive that "All Humanity" from seeing the light of Judah Maccabee's Menorah, which is a lamp. The light coming from that lamp is clear as day to me... it's English, plain English.  Men ... or AH.  It's also in a number of other related words, like Adamah--for Earth (which means the planet looking for... Adam) and Allah, a lead directly to the first word of the acronym.  In this relationship, "everyone" is split, and the two letters in between "eve" and "one" (for one family) are part of this cipher... RY, "our why."  This is not an outlier, but it might have something to do with Stephen King's langoliers; this condensed English cipher is how God talks to me; and this connection between the expansion of family from the initials of the (Seth, Eve, Adam: its sea) Eden and the family of Revelation  ... really comes from the idea that our families are all very similar, that's "our why" everyone must be saved.  Nostradamus talks about a religion of the sea prevailing; I think it's about understanding this message, about microcosms and fresh analysis of religion.

and the evening, and morning... the first day.

In Genesis 1:7 it says God created the "sky" in Hebrew, this word is synonymous with Heaven... and he used this sky to divide the waters... from the waters.  This division is the parted of Exodus, and it's a reference again... to the word for Holy Fire: Ha'esh.  The sea divided, parted... by the "light above" which I've always associated with the apostrophe.  This sea will part, and it's probably going to look like it's over me... over whether or not I am "the messiah."  In truth, I hope you will see that it's really about the truth, about slavery and darkness... and about whether or not this thing... called sky, heaven, and vault... should be opened.  I want the doors opened for us all, that's the plan.

there was evening, and there was morning—the second day

These things are a big deal to me, not just because they show what I believe to be clear reference to English... and also to narrative a part of history we are completely unaware of... but because I know the work that has gone into delivering this message of universal salvation and proliferation of knowledge is the purpose of this hidden history: it's what they've been working on; it's "Creation."  So here we are, in this story of Exodus... where up until this point we've all been the slaves in Egypt, building a big pyramid.  This message is the miracle that's going to set us free, sharing the purpose of these stories, of ancient scripture, and of Heaven itself is the key to salvation.  This proof of the existence of time travel comes with education, right now it's mostly in movies and science fiction, but I imagine that it's not going to be that way for very long.  It's obviously available somewhere, we have religion, we have English in "Shekinah," "Maccabee" and in "Ha'esh" and it really is just the tip of the iceberg.,. we have these things so that we will contemplate how we might use this technology to further society.  Minority ReportBack to the FutureThe Time Travelers Wife... and .. The Wedding Crashers are here as art of Heaven too--to help us see.

I hope you enjoy the production, it truly is coming to us... "from the Heavens" as the crew of Apollo 8 says.

Seriously, I hope you share it.
It might not mean so much to you, but I think our world needs and deserves a sign in the sky, rather than than a series of email that might start a slow awakening... if you ever wake up.  I hoped it would give us the uplifting "fresh start" that we might really need to see us past some of the more negative effects of this "darkness" that I keep telling you is real.  It's real.  It's effecting more than our ability to understand religion's true meaning and relationship to reality and technology.  

You might notice a couple hidden references to "Project Bluebeam" and I hope this video inspires the Heavens (or NASA) to make one about Exodus.. and how it might relate to the Light of the World.... and just maybe... "write it on the sky" as I like to say.  

The Wedding Crashers
AM-Y Adams, Rachel McAdams... and Marty McFly
There's something to the Mc' thing, I swear.  It's somewhere in the Magna Carta, and the Mayflower Compact, it's in Joseph McCarthy, to help why (thy)... that's a parted sea. It's also in Mind Control, and you have to understand how fundamental understanding of that technology is to actually achieving freedom.  I'm trying to unite the lands.  There's something to this Adam thing too, but I can't figure it out.
For those of you that are slow, the New Testament is called the Brit Ha'dashah in Hebrew.  I can't figure that one out either. These things are here to set you free, see that... believe that, share that. 

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