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This is it.

like a thief in the night.

On the clouds, for all eyes to see.

The nations will mourn.

no man knew the hour or the day.

the elements will melt with fervent heat.

The Light of Heaven

All around us we have a hidden message that is designed to be sought and contemplated. There is a plan to help our civilization grow with technology, and overcome social awkwardness… “growing pains” that come with the rapid learning and growing process that we are literally right in the middle of. It is about seeking a more perfect society, making our home “heavenly.” The technology that is just over the cusp of our reach is literally the building blocks of the place we know as Heaven. If you think about it, the fact that we are destined to “build it” puts the true touch of perfection … our dreams to become reality.

Finding God’s message is a little tricky, you see he speaks through us… Humanity is the big H.. the big horn of Revelation… until we are aware that this megaphone is pointed squarely at us. There is a beautiful message, we are weaving it, and seeking it has given me true happiness. I hope to help share how to see the message in places like our music and science fiction. There’s a little shift in perspective, and the world brightens and becomes filled with wisdom, some criticism, and what is decidedly a very loving and intelligent hand. Of course, your agreement with that point of view is part of the reason the message is available for all to see.

There is caution called for as we move forward adapting to the changing environment that new technologies always bring. Other changes are so inevitable and utopic that we might wonder a little why we have not moved more quickly. In truth, our gift of learning is the apocalypse… a truth delivered slowly so that we can ensure we are happy moving forward. We are in a position of great blessing and also great responsibility. There is probably also quite a bit of joy and continued love as our family grows larger… a global community.

Above all else, the message I see reminds us of the sacredness of our minds. Who and what we are is very special, and we must always ensure the protection of freedom and safety to all. As you might imagine, there is a significant amount of urging to become more open and transparent in everything we do.

It is a big part of the story of Eden. I’m not sure if I should welcome you as lions or brothers and sisters… but awareness of creation and purpose is the place that we call “home.” We are Lions in the Biblical sense… the heart of the word “civilization” is us and “at..” @; the symbol for the world searching for Adam.

 The Race is not to Die Bold.

In a very interesting link between modern typography and the words of Ecclesiastes 9:11; we see the Courier of the Gods mentioned in line one, and “the strong” in line two. Substituting the German “die” for “the” and strong for bold, and then combining the lines yields the heading above. So central to the message of Christ is the preservation of democracy that it appears the lack of our government and free market ability to timely adopt new voting technologies has been etched in stone by the name of the company responsible for failing completely at the task of creating “electronic voting.”

Our society must quickly begin assimilating technologies like the internet into the applicaction of democracy. We should no longer be voting for people, but rather for ideas.

To highlight how poor of a solution electronic kiosks is, you only have to realize that it solves none of the problems of polling. We still must wait in long lines, in order to walk up to a machine and “punch” a card. The right solution is voting much more frequently and on bills. This will quickly escalate to needing to collaborate on the creation of bills, and true self governance can be realized through the proper use of technologies that we have had available for decades. The internet.

Phones and faxes were completely ignored, and for nearly a half century our nations inability and unwillingness to move away from representative democracy and towards a truly free society is highlighted by an archaic voting structure that is stuck in the days of the Pony Express.

This message comes from the East, the future, and it is a huge part of the hidden teaching of the Bible.

Highlighted by the Elephant (and Donkey) in the room, the Two of Everything God, as I like to call him; continues to urge reformation of our governance system by highlighting how poor a two party system is at actually representing the will of the people.

There is no doubt that the ultimate authors of the Bible are telling us that we are living in the stone age. The perspective is clearly shown in the depiction of our modern society as ancient. Like the weapons used in the Old Testament are ancient to us, the tools we use to govern ourselves appear to be ancient and primitive to the senders of this message. Remember, the message is the Bible, and it truly is about us.

Technology, history, and “forward progress.”

Within the history of America, see a well highlighted pattern, one which is echoed throughout the history of the Earth… that it becomes such a central point to the Apocalypse that I think it is fair to say that knowledge of technology, and the truth of how it has been mishandled in the past being preserved is a pivotal point in the history of civilization itself. Here, between and America and Earth, we see a clear pattern of a failure to properly adapt to new technologies. In the end, it becomes even more clear that this lack of progress is truly due to the hiding of other technologies, to a secrecy and of altruism that saw this Earth destroyed over and over again with mind control and time travel technology from it’s earliest days.

It is these two technologies which are central to understanding why computing and telecommunications have been so poorly adopted in the history of America, a place that is a functional microcosm of the history of Humanity. Through the Constitution, we see very clearly that over a period of several hundred years, amendments show a clear and positive change in the social and equality guidelines that our society evolved to adopt. At the same time, through this same period, huge leaps were made in technology… the industrial revolution, the invention of the telephone, and the computer revolution. Despite these things being so world changing, not a single amendment focuses on the adoption or modification of law related to them. Clearly, between the Pony Express and the invention of the Internet, voting technology should have not only been actively researched by both the government and the private sector, frequency of voting as well as the volume of legislation which was taken to popular vote should have radically increased. Instead, we are given Die Bold as the first and hallmark solution–highlitghed by religion and the name of this book–as a pathetic and stagnating attempt to do absolutely nothing to improve any aspect of voting other than tallying.

At the same time, mind control technology has proliferated in secret, and a war is being waged across the globe to ensure that we are not lost to this truth. It too is highlighted thousands of years ago… it the Plague of the Killing of First Born–manifested here in school and military shootings which are with no doubt due in near totality to an outside influence altering the thoughts of the shooters.

Attempts to hide the existence of mind control technology are futile and destructive, they do nothing but put us into a world where that very same technology is used to hide its own existence; and perhaps alter the veracity and usefulness of that same vote that we are so reluctant to see as a ancient tool that needs modern updating.

Hey Adamah,

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