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The Light of Jesus Christ, from the Lamp Stands of Revelation 1:20 Sent Friday, May 27, 2016 View as plaintext
Long before this puzzle was completed, I saw the light of repeated reference to Periodic Table elements in the hidden cipher which was being shown to me.  To me, it shows a clear focus on science ... and reaffirms that this focus is both well hidden and amazingly prevalent throughout religion.  With thought, it also shows clear prescience--knowledge of modern chemistry symbols and other modern technological concepts... many correlating to our computer industry.  It is bright light, which I would much later see ties directly to a verse of Revelation heralding the return of Jesus Christ.

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.  

Revelation 1:20

It's Elementary... my dear What-son's

You might think I'm out of my mind for pointing out how amazingly relevant this Sherlock Holmes reference is to ... well, to this "situation," but hopefully sooner rather than later you'll see that you're crazy, not to have seen the light.  Enough John Legend... back to the chemistry between religion and science...

The very first bright element that "just came to me" as I was writing my first explanation of the story of Exodus as a time-shifted map of today beginning with the Burning Bush also clearly relating to time travel is a very bright reference to the element Xenon (which is primarily associated with a camera flash) whose symbol also happens to be the application name of Oracle Corporation's database.  Paired together with the Linux command "sudo" (related: the "root" of David (wikipedia))  which runs commands as the Unix "Administrator account," a functional equivalent of "God say:" FLASH.. or..

In the multi-year story of the inspiration that has lead up to this e-mail; is a foundational key to the relationship between Christ and America... one which called me to question the "prediction" in Revelation that says "Christ will rule with an Iron-rod for 1,000 years."   It lead me to call into question the possibility of a messianic fulfillment in a world where God had supposedly "granted" liberty to all.  Through a little bit of analysis though ... it eventually became a key to the symbol for Iron... which is "Fe" and to a hidden prophesy within Exodus that links the rod's of Aaron, Christ, and Jim Mor-i-son's band The Doors.  There's a logical confluence that makes this "alphabetical" connection and concept of "reading words backwards" ... found simply by correlating the famous phrase "let my people go" with the answer to this whole conundrum that would make "Christ rule."  It's a "definition" found in expanding the symbol for iron as an acronym... to for everyone.  Doors, for everyone...
I AM THE GATE... (to Atlantis.) -John 10:9

These symbols are the beginning of a group of seven which tie Revelation 1:20 directly to Ecclesiastes 9:11... the words spoken by George W. Bush on... 1/20/2001.  They lead us to see a pattern, one which begins with Mercury and ends.. with Uranium... this is the verse:

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance (...pdf and the "original typewritten draft") happeneth to them all.  

Ecclesiastes 9:11

You'll note the correlation between the first phrase and Mercury... and the ending with Saturn, the God of time... and a chance to build Heaven.  It is a bread crumb in a pattern, which shows a correlation between Ecc 9:11, Rev 1:20, and the "stars" as planets... correlated to elements.  Mercury and Hg, Uranus and Uranium.

You will also note that these books are freely distributed, you could buy them on Amazon. Did I mention that I am broke?
I am quite sure there is something to this "element thing," that are the true 7 seals of Revelation. This is the Fifth Element, tying to the God of Light-ning, J-u-p'tah. 
(the element corresponding to Earth, Xenon and the third phrase of Ecc 9:11, "neither yet bread to the wise.")

I would love to hear from you... and start a discussion.  This is only the beginning. 

(let me google that for you)

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