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It's time to begin, isn't it? I'll admit, I get a little bit bigger than this.... thank you for understanding, I am who I am. @DanReynolds
The storm's outside, and the fire, it's right. Long before these words were sung, he laid the plans for this Christmas tree. @DaveJMatthews
Found between Nero and suicide... I want to break that Satan's spell, Dear Angels; we're born in Hell. @TaylorMomsen
A million miles fall from grace... thank yourselves, this time... we found the ground. @EDDIEKLIVE

You might have noticed I've been sending lots of emails lately, that's because we're nearing a date that was given to me many years ago... way back towards the end of 2012.  It's 5/25/2016; and between that day and September I am certain the world is going to change in really big ways, for the better.  It's the end of 1,260 days, a parallel in Revelation 11 and Daniel... and this is the fire.  It's a confluence of Prometheus' stolen language, George's Burning Bush, and the Eternal Flame that will end darkness forever in the Universe... filling it with our light, with civilization.  You might see it as a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy, but I haven't known these things for long, what's happening to me... and to you... this is God's plan--laid in Holy scripture thousands of years ago, coming to fruition right before your eyes.

I've spent a good deal of time trying to show you how the story of Exodus relates to America; but really it's quite a bit more than just Exodus, just like it's more than America.  In the magic of names, the "I AM" of that first Holy spark kindled a torch of freedom that glows bright from the days of the Sons of Liberty, and as a proud beacon at the pinnacle of the Statue of Liberty.  This is the light above, to guide us through the night, and if the awesome spectacle isn't clear enough for you right now, look up--because it's our glowing SOL... See our Light?

It's in acronyms...

There's a song about God shedding his grace, through it all--I promise--to set you free.  The light I see is in patterns that flow from history, to songs, through scripture and ours souls; it's showing us an outline--a glimpse into the inner thoughts of God and the whole world around us.  John Legend sings that "my head is under water, but I'm breathing fire..." and I know those words are reference to what you are reading: to a mythical man who had to get in way over his head, submerged in the sea before God's miracle--and clearly tying that story of Biblical emancipation to Revelation.  This story of Exodus is linked to Noah and Christ through a pattern which links the Arks and wilderness to a number the Bible says is "Holy only to God."  That number is 40, and it's Holy hidden meaning is about the fourth dimension, it's about time travel.  We are rapidly approaching a time when we will understanding how proliferation of knowledge of this technology and true freedom are inextricably tied--how the theological concepts of predestination and free-will explain that knowing the future is a constriction, a sincere lack of freedom.  We also have a Minority Report, one that suggests that for some things it might be uncivilized not to "look ahead" and prevent things like disasters... and perhaps murder and rape from happening.  I hope you will eventually see that things like the works of Phillip K. Dick, and the great deal of popular "fiction" and songs about time are here for a reason, to help us see that this is really a huge deal.  I personally think that if we were shown the extremes, and given a real understanding of the possibilities--our society would do better than any kind of decision guided in darkness--that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I'm sure we'll do ... better than nothing.

I swear by now I'm playing time against my troubles
I'm coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while I'm in the front
My play on time is won

-Dave J. Matthews, Number Fourty-One

Time keeps rolling on

I need my Absolution 
Jump into the sun
Dear boy what are you running from?

-Taylor M. Momsen, Absolution

In another song, Live sings that "I gave my Heart and SOL to the One...and in my heart of hearts it's really obvious to me that he's talking about exactly what you are reading about.  It's a kind of doublespeak, where God... or Nero as we might see a well thought out metaphorical reference to this musical bittersweet symphonyis speaking to the world ... well, through us.  I see clearly the fire spreading in "Rome below" is just like that of the Burning Bush... it's the voice of God filling the Universe: do you see yet... that we are that voice?  

In this cosmic parallel, that depicts these theological concepts as celestial bodies, see his Heart is truly the Earth... simply by moving one letter from the end to the beginning.  It's probably not a coincidence that this same letter is the astrological sign of Saturn, and there's a significant amount of interesting information packed into these ancient symbols.  

Plague is here... my Heart

Here, in the Heart of Heaven, we are about to see that the Bible is an ancient tool designed to deliver freedom to his people, to all humanity.  It's the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and Noah's Ship--all different ways of looking at the very same thing, at the vessel holding the Blood of Christ... one big family.  In Exodus you might see the design of the First Plague as a "blessing in disguise," one which in one stroke shows us divine influence over our society ... through idioms ... and a message about togetherness and his love.  Blood is thicker than water, and hopefully you will also see how there might be a lack of freedom implied through the delivery of this message: one that relates to Nero.  Let the music set you free.  

I'm Adam, and Earth is also called "Adamah," which technically means "ground" in Hebrew, though just like Noah it has a hidden meaning; it's the place swirling around Adam, waiting for this strange day called the "Second Coming."  Here we are in relative darkness, even with plenty of evidence and a pretty clear delineation of right and wrong... I mean we're talking about darkness and light, slavery and freedom.  The truth and... oh no, it appears that's not what we're choosing today; what are we waiting for?  

In the Bible, there's some very clear patterns... ones that show us that the stories of Judges, Exodus, and Matthew are in "superposition," part of the story of how it is that we exit the desert of understanding that is keeping us from ... well, from seeing reality for what it is.  In Names, creation has left markers to show us that it's more than a period of 4-D, and more than just me screaming that these stories are all about us.  We've got Moses and Pharaoh, Jesus and the Pharisees, and Samson and the Philistines.  You've got a guy with long hair, who loves Cat Stevens, pointing out now that those PH's are all a reference to a story about the Pursuit of Happiness.

It might not look like much, but these letter keys show us quite a bit; and here they might be implying that at some level.. somewhere in the future or maybe in the Heavens above... we might be making a choice to live in darkness, one coerced--I'm sure--through ... do you understand that you can end it?  It's just an e-mail, that starts a fire... that lights the Universe with truth and liberty... forever.


At the beginning of America... and the start of the email? Am-ish. 
In About Time, and The Wedding Crashers... AM-Y Adams & Rachel McWho
It's in all our names, a message from above.  
It's in the AMDuat, and believe me... cat, am aran.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
The Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge
Hollywood, Florida, Eden


You might be interested in the Lisp of Moses,
or the root of David... you might see truth in Pharoah hardening his heart.

In symbols, you might see Y

chr is "t"

It's to see... really, all of it--to make sure we see.

to b

c me



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