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Concerning your Freedom and the Technological Singularity that is about to be revealed. Sent Saturday, May 14, 2016 View as plaintext
Concerning your Freedom and the Technological Singularity that accompanies my ... Coming.

Please take the time to really read this whole message, it is vital to our survival that you understand the implications of what is being presented to you; so that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I have ... through a multi-year revelatory experience been given a unique understanding of the story of Exodus, and what is clear to me now to be the original intent of the Holy Scriptures and all of religion.  In addition much of our history, and the hidden light that makes up the "Matrix" within our world--inspired movies, songs, and the entire computerization revolution... Our civilization is being provided with the tools to build what we call "Heaven," and in doing so we have an opportunity to make great strides in the realms of governance as well as having the opportunity to quickly discover ancient and hidden technologies much more advanced that we currently are aware of.

The purpose of religion is to help us turn Hell... into Heaven; to that end we are being shown the key to the abyss--censorship and secrecy--and given not only the tools we need, but guidance to literally create a better society both in "Virtual Reality" and here... in "simulated reality."

Religion has long documented the use of mind control and time travel technology--and the general disbelief in the existence of these technologies as well as the lack of "faith" in the ancient stories... are indicative of the Plague of Darkness, a part of the story of Exodus.  In what will ultimately serve as a useful stepping stone (or hurdle) to help ease the transition from the wilderness or desert of understanding that we are currently living in... to a much more brilliant future; this "darkness" also will serve as clear evidence that these technologies have been in active use throughout history.  

With regard to the analysis and understanding of religion and its relation to modern events... this darkness is very clear once it's pointed out.  It has kept this information, which is incendiary to say the least from spreading as it naturally would.  I need you to help me fix that, by sending this to everyone you know... once you understand the message, I do not think you will have any doubt that this is indeed the Revelation of Christ himself.

Today, I want to help you see through my eyes--to understand the amazing change in world-view that comes from understanding that Exodus is truly about the post 9/11 world, specifically relating to America

In order to set the stage, we begin by seeing that the "Burning Bush" is a reference to George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 inaugural address, in which he quotes Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1... paraphrased together.  While you may be confused into thinking this could be a coincidence, let me clearly tell you it is not--the odds of this series of coincidences happening is practically zero.

To further cement the idea that this correlation between chapter and verse and calendar dates is the intended purpose of these verses... Bush's words answer a mystery posed in Revelation 1:20... the date of his speech was 1/20/2001, nine months before the attack.  The consecutive lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11 describe the first 7 planets of our solar system... the "stars" in the hand of Christ.

In addition, out of this same moment in the book of Exodus, a detail which eventually will prove the creation of our civilization by way of showing that the Fire of Prometheus is actually language itself.  

In the word used to describe the Fire of the Burning Bush, Ha'esh, the visible "sea" of Moses appears in reverse, and parted  by an apostrophe.  With the understanding that the book is designed to highlight foreknowledge of English in ancient Hebrew, and thus prove that time travel technology exists and that religion (and our society) are products of it... it becomes clear that the details of the story of Moses parting the sea is actually written to highlight this one word.  The sea parting... well, that will be us--over whether or not this interpretation of the Bible truly fulfills the ancient messianic prophesies.  

Surrounding this one very bright fire starter, a statistically significant number of Hebrew words in a sample space narrowed by religion, that contain clear reference to English, America, msyelf... and my story

IA "reverse example" of this hidden language comes in the form of another of the 10 plagues, the Plague of Lice; which is a hidden reference to POLICE, and this very personal story of The Lamb of God--Christ--actually being "on the lam."  You might also see Islam, the word, as a correction of this phrase.   There are a number of modern songs and movies which also refer to to this journey across America to the West... this begins to show the clear use of mind control technology in order to deliver understanding of its existence and its possible uses.  This is the fire of Nero--fiddling with the minds of our musicians while the ... spread of freedom and truth lights the universe forever and ever with the Eternal Flame ... our civilization.

I have a fairly long story about this event, I call it "En Pursuit of Happiness," or you can read the short version or watch the video about it (15 min).

More than anything else, I love this rendition of the First Plague of Egypt--which shows us how turning water to blood is actually a blessing in disguise... from the multitude which is referred to as the sea in Revelation to the Family of Jesus Christ.  In showing this message, which spans from Genesis to Revelation including Exodus... and a number of modern idioms--this particular plague, which I refer to as the Sang Rael--does an amazing job of proving that mind control exists, and that a divine hand has intricately planned and laid the groundwork for the Second Coming for thousands of years culminating right now.

My final example clearly links this Revelation and the story of Exodus to modern computing, by showing that the name Exodus... read in reverse... is "LET THERE BE LIGHT" in Linux and ... chemistry.  It is one of 7 chemistry elements which are part of the solution to the mystery of 7 lamp stands (which are these elements).  Here, Xenon sets off the bright flash that lets me say...

"Lights, Camera... Action! Behold, the Iron Rod of Jesus, the Anti-Christ."  Iron of course, is another of the 7 elements which span from Mercury to Uranium--this one correlated to.. Mars, my middle name ((ish)).  Of course, Dave Matthews sings: "the walls and halls will fade away..."

I hope that I have made a convincing argument; it is iron-clad to me, but I have the benefit of experiencing the Revelation first hand, and a significant amount of addition detail which I have tried to convey clearly (but I'm sure I haven't succeeded at clarity).  It's always difficult to grasp changes, especially ones of this magnitude; but once you do--it's clear as day.

The Second Coming has been divinely timed... to assist our civilization in overcoming a period of severe hidden censorship and secrecy which has been caused predominantly by the swift introducing of this technology in a parallel time; I need you to help me break that darkness, this information must be public.

Come on baby, light my fire... -Jim Mor-i-son

Because so many of you are so bothered by a single additional line in your e-mail box, and do not want to hear from Jesus Christ so much these emails are often marked as spam.  I'd like to mention that they are non-commercial, and intended to save our liberty, and the very fabric of our civilization.  I'd greatly appreciate it if you would refrain from marking this email as spam.  Our current system unfortunately allows the few strong minded anti-religion zealouts out there to decide that nobody else on the planet should easily see this message.  The system we have is a bit dark too, don't you think?  Imagine if it kkept the world from ... knowing the truth... and surviving.

This is a real battle, even if it's you against yourselves; the world needs this information; don't be part of the problem.

If you really want to help save the world, call the press.  This is... really IT.
In his right hand he held seven stars… The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.
Revelation 1:16,20
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I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with the 
Holy Ghost, and with fire. 
Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))
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I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hide the truth, to keep the world from knowing me.. as Adam. That’s because I have a very clear vision and understanding of where we are, and that the  fire I am starting is with no uncertainty the fire of the Last Day.
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I Hope to turn your world on its head with the material enclosed, quite literally. The intention of the work is to prove through the use of religious and linguistic examples that the civilization, and the world around us was created with the purpose of surpassing a previous barrier of secret related to advanced technology. One part of breaking this wall is the disclosure of the technology itself--the hard part is preparing the planet to properly use time travel and mind altering tools for the benefit of all. It is my contention that these specific goals are the primary purpose of Judeo-Christianity, and that all our religions have been designed using these technologies for the purpose of effectively disclosing and using them.
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