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From the Pharaoh's 2nd born to the Pharisees: Believe the whole world deserves the truth, and you will set free. Sent Friday, June 10, 2016 View as plaintext
Just like you, I was born in this place I now see as Hell.  To me that's a good thing, it means that there is no place worse... and more than that I see a great deal of effort, not only in my personal life but in the world around me, to ensure that "Hell" doesn't continue.  That doesn't mean it's the end of the world, it means it's end of Hell.  In my keen understanding of "fire," which pervades nearly all religion and mythology, Hell is about darkness--about secrecy and censorship, and about a place where the truth is bright and obvious, yet the world just doesn't see.  This is giving sight to the blind.​​​​​​​
In this place, the days of creation and the seals of Revelation congeal to show us that we are in the AMDuat (those are my initials, at the beginning of the ancient Egyptian book about the traveling through a maze in the Underworld), a place that builds heaven.. and because of it's significance, has done so more than once.  I don't love this life enough to relive it again, and think the ideas of predestination and the forced fulfillment of "negative" prophesy are the original sin.  I think we're here, with new knowledge that we are a sort of 1 Infinite Loop (Apple's HQ address) so that we can stop the recursion, and move forward with freedom.

I don't know what I really did in past lives, but I know they exist--I see a record of them in religion, and because of the flow of information to me like a lightning rod on the roof of King Herod's temple, I can be pretty sure that "from the East" is a not-so-hidden metaphor for the future... and that we are being saved by our very own children.  In some long past time, it may have taken years or decades for this truth to proliferate through to the people... but here, it's so bright, and so clearly augmented by evidence and assistance (just below the surface of what you see as reality) that I can be sure we are in "messianic times."  Hell, I might have been king in some time long gone... but I am still burning the Pyramid.  At least, I'm trying my best to show you that the prophesy all around me is about a circle forming, from this place where it is clear to me that the current King of the Universe is forcing freedom on his subjects.

I know without doubt that the story of Exodus is about right now, from the beginning of proof that language is constructed to destroy secrecy regarding creation in the First Word of John 1:1--the word for the fire of the Burning Bush--to it's clear manifestation in our history... a single speech... and the soon to be single most pivotal event in all of history.  I harp on these two things quite a bit, because I see the focus that religion and history has put on them, I see a prophesy that bleeds into the story of Jericho, the Holy Fire of the Sepulcher, and I see the light... that it's proof of the existence and influence of advanced technology over our civilization.  This is what burns down the Pyramid, proof... understanding... it's help from just past today.  To me, these things are so very bright that I know they should be spreading like the wildfire it is... and yet there is this story in Exodus about a darkness so thick it can be felt.  Feel it, because not only is it proof, it's the focus of nearly every messianic prophesy in the Holy Bible.. from the fire of Matthew 3:11 to the books of Daniel, Revelation, and clearly Exodus.  
Today it might not seem so obvious, but in my heart of of hearts I know this place is alive, and it's bound by a code that should clearly be understood as delivering freedom to the world.  Still, this darkness exists, and it comes from the top... in a place where I see the concepts of Pharaoh and Pharisees as in "superposition."  To me, that means we are voting... either subconsciously here... or in the near future; about whether or not this knowledge deserves to be shared.  I think we are being tricked... or perhaps being influenced in order to ensure a specific outcome... by using fear and uncertainly about what very well could be Islam's "Fire of the Last Day" and a desire not to .... change the world.  Change is scary, especially when there's plenty of reference to the Apocalypse being related to the end of the world.   In my life, I've seen a significant amount of work done ... from this hidden force ... to ensure that there is an ability to make sure that the world does not end.  It's a little bit like the darkness, and if it continued as we are continuing in this... it would no different from Hell.  Still, it's preparation for ensuring an orderly disclosure of truth to the entire world... a change so fundamental and profound that it shakes the very foundation of what we believe is reality... and enlightens us: that this place is truly created, for the purpose of ensuring the survival of civilization, and it's continued ability to "grow with technology."  I've seen it, with my own eyes.  I've experienced it.  You might have also, in fact, you might be experiencing the influence of mind control technology right this very moment--it's almost guaranteed.

Do you believe it's possible?  What do you think about the ideas of prophets, of a message sent directly to your mind?  The bright fire in Exodus proves it's possible, and I think the stories of Jesus and Moses indicate it's happening to you.

 I think it's either keeping you from believing these things are possible, despite a plethora of scientific evidence through neuroscience that it's not only possible... but we'e been trying to figure out how it's done since at least World War II...

The things I am presenting to you are damning evidence, at the precipice we will see that they are nothing short of ultimate proof--and yet I too see how they might be viewed without scientific statistical analysis as ... chance, or coincidence.  There is no doubt in my mind that they are nothing of the sort, and further no doubt that  what appears to be a widespread inability to recognize or investigate this is.... well, it's the darkness.
I'm fairly certain that the widespread distribution of this information is not only the right thing to do, but that it's a clear technical path to having our heads cleared, in being set free.   It's probably a designed mechanism to ensure that we remain so, if you understand it was written about 6,000 years ago.
 This stuff about subconscious voting might seem like the stuff of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep to you today, it might look silly, or seem like the natural evolution of democracy... whatever you see... I'm telling you I've seen it.

I've seen this darkness overtly affect the people around me, in an instant obviously false emotions and diametrically opposed opinions form.  I've seen it, and I know it's so I will understand how this is happening.  Ending this oppression is the purpose of Jesus Christ, it's the purpose of the Apocalypse, and ultimately it's the purpose of civilization: to overcome.

Here, we can see the darkness manifest itself in our society... we can see SPAM laws and conventions that not only completely violate our First Amendment rights to Free Speech, but also in a system that allows only a small percentage of recipients to stop the entire world from receiving a message that .... well, it might just be the thing that saves the world.  Free communication is the "stuff" of democracy, and ultimately of civilization. These things are darknesswhether or not you want to hear from me.  By the way all you have to do is unsubscribe if you don't, clicking that little button that says "it's spam!! it hurts my eyes!!" is stopping your children from being able to be free.  Wake the #&!@ up.  It's Earth-gypped.

On the other hand, you could investigate what I'm saying, and you can share it with everyone you know.  This is the Holy Fire... and it's brighter than you can see.  In every word, in every myth, in every religion and in every song... the future is sending us a message.  


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