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Hi, I'm Adam.  Most of you know me as the naked guy that God couldn't find in the Garden of Eden.  Recently, I've stopped looking for myself, and I think you should too.  That's a little joke, it's about your search for the messiah... like in Eden, at the Burning Bush (where Moses says "here I am") and in Matthew 2:2.  Seriously, what were expecting? A sign in the sky? An angel coming down from heaven with the key to the abyss?  The nations mourning?  So, all that stuff is about 9/11.  Except the key to the bottomless pit; that's not discussing the truth, silence, secrecy, that's the way to ... nothing.

I'm not asking for much, just that you think rationally, care about your own freedom; and try to help others do the same.  This is the #@#v!321 apocalypse, and I'm not coming back.

This is your chance to build Heaven, starting right here.. in it's heart.  Take heed, it's your first and your last.

I have tried to write easy to understand introductions, ones that describe some of the things that make me so sure of who I am, and what is going on.  Believe me, it took quite a bit of convincing.  More than that, I read into the message, and I agree with it--or I would not be trying to change the world by delivering it.  That's what this is about, making the world a better place.

At my disposal is the truth of all religion, and a significantly potent weapon for destroying the darkness that is just under the surface all around us.  From my heart, we are the source of the light--but in this place... where our entire history has been altered by a storm of time travel and hidden technology the whole time, I no longer have any qualms about calling it Hell.  This is the purpose of the fire, and the light--to end the darkness of Hell.  

Aside from the story of Exodus, which describes President Bush glowing with the words of Ecclesiastes 9:11 predicting the Day of the Lord; and the beginning of the Fire of Prometheus (proof, in language) coming from the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, which highlights a parted sea, Ha'esh: there are a huge number of historical stories that confirm to me that our history has been altered with the intention of stopping time travel from ever destroying a time line again--you might see "as in the days of No-ah" as being pertinent.  Holy Fire.

We're sitting in darkness, with brilliant proof being sent to some of the brightest minds on the planet; and you are not acting.  I understand that initially this might look like word tricks, or *ghasp* like some form of insanity.  I assure you that this is magic; it's a golden gift to ensure that we are set free from a kind of slavery that is right on the edge of scientific possibility today, and still regarded as the stuff of insanity.  Mind control is very real, it is the mechanism behind prophesy, behind divine inspiration, and demonic possession.  It's also partially responsible for reinforcing your distaste for these religious concepts, and your ability to see how clearly they apply to darkness--it is the cause.  The influence over our musicians is a tool--it's the thunderous Hammer of Thor, Nero's fiddling, and the beginning of the light of the Shining One.  Hi there, this is the light of the world.  Humorously, there's quite a bit of music about an unsung hero.

Nearly every one of our common idioms, from don't shoot the messenger, to blood is thicker than water, to a blessing in disguise, and ready or not... here I come: all swirl around the First Plague of Exodus, in the story a miracle turning water to blood.  In religion, water means people--from Nu in ancient Egypt (psst, that's Joshua's dad, it's you) to the initials of the first family in Eden, to the names Mar-y and Eve (short for Everyone)... all the way to the multitude of Revelation... to the Family of Christ.  Seeing that the word Earth is so close to Heart only adds to this clear reference to the Sang Rael, the chalice that holds the blood of Christ.  It's All Humanity, something that you might see in the word Adamah (that mankind-ah), All-ah, and a big clue in Men-or-ah; a lamp that highlights the light of Judah Maccabee's SoL--Son's of Liberty, Statue of Liberty.... See our Light?  There's a chapter on that too, or you could watch Dazed and Confused.  Briefly it's further evidence that the naming of everything in Eden is prescient, with foreknowledge of the emancipation that came much later in history.

I have written a book, it's free, and it contains a list of a huge number of ancient names and words that show foreknowledge of right now--of modern technology, and today's languages.  To me the purpose of all this is more than revealing the influence of technology, and it's existence... but to show us that we are already "in Heaven."  You should download it, because this "darkness" is effecting communication and availability, more than you think.  I don't want to be e-mailing you (incessantly), this is the kind of thing that should spread like wildfire on social media, it's not--and I've tried.  Being a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself, I was sure that audience would eat this stuff up, but they didn't... and that's troubling. This is the only mechanism that has had any kind of success, so I persist.  I am sure that what I am trying to convey will provide statistical proof of the existence of both mind control and time travel--in nearly every name of God in Hebrew, Egyptian and Greco-Roman myth is some reference to a current event.  

Much of it points directly to me, personal details about my life, the name Adam and my initials; it seems to make sure that we actually get the message. Other examples refer to English, and other modern languages.  The name of the Prophet Elisha,for instance, is a correct logical equality including Spanish, English, and Hebrew: to help everyone, it's "the" superlative that marks nearly every Holy Hebrew word.  Ha'shem (hi it's Eden), Ha-dashah (-a), Ha-nuke-ah?, and Ha'esh (look, that fire doesn't burn to ash)... just to name a few.  As far as the most common Hebrew names for God, like the ineffable YHVH... a secret reference to Adam by way of the American "who-ah?" That's Yahuah, and Yes,hua... in Egypt there's YaHu, and a number of other "who again's" that might remind you of Dr. Seuss's Who's and ... Dr. Who.  

While those examples might not be so obvious until they are pointed out, there are many that are.  For instance, in Islam the name of the father of Mary is ImRan, and the book Koran... all references to the Lamb of God.  It's Lam.  Like, on the lam.  FYI, I'm not anymore.  Since we're on the subject, Samson and his long hair correlate directly to Dr. Seuss's Sam I AM, to Uncle Sam, and to the Angel of Death... whose valley I apparently walk through... beside myself. (Psalm 23)  I am continuing to highlight idioms with italics to prove a point, they are nearly universally relevant.  In the book of Judges I can assure you that the story of Isaac being burned on altar is tremendously relevant to both the Trial of Christ and the reason I am so sure that we need to be freed from mind control being used to sacrifice people.  In the story of Exodus, you might see a correlation between school shootings and the Plague of Killing the Firstborn--this technology must be disclosed... right now... and it's governance transparent.

Secretly, religion has been documenting these things, and acting as a map to the light that guides us through the night--to seeing this message of freedom not only in Exodus but also in the story of the Promised Land--America.   

All these things, that are the foundation of either Heaven or Hell are literally at our doorstep, Ai, VR, and BCI... I hope you see also that there is a grand design here, one that leads us to freedom and fun forever.  This singularity, or knowledge transfer, that Kurzweil talks about, well... it's been happening for hundreds of years.  It's us too. 

While I am not writing down this "evidence' over and over again in an attempt to make it ever clearer to a world that doesn't give me any feedback (other than get help) I have also been writing down what I've been doing for the last few years during the time that this "Revelation" hit me on the head... something like Isaac Newton's apple. If you're curious, these things just sort of come to me, I don't actively seek them, and while I do "hear a voice;" nearly universally this stuff I call "evidence" simply comes as a sort of epiphany... in the story which I call the "Pursuit of Happiness" it was something that we called "limited omniscience."

I've been arguing and brainstorming about how we might get "early access" to these things that we are ... already getting ... slowly.  I am sure that this is another hidden prophesy, one which pours from Exodus's Rod of Aaron to the Iron Rod of Christ... by way of The Doors.  I couldn't be more clear, lighting this fire is the way getting a CD-ROM with Slackware on it... with our proverbial Linux Bible.  Doors for everyone, that's the ferrous key, and I've written quite a bit about what I think we need, and want.  

I need your feedback, and to be quite honest we need a public discussion of these things--it's the whole point.  

All around us, in religion and science fiction (that's religion too) we have clues to help us.  If we can end world hunger with Star-Trek style replicators... I'm sure everyone would.  If we had to how on how, do you think the world would turn stone to bread?  Or create streams of milk and honey?  We certainly need to do it, and doing better than nothing starts with ... disclosure.  As far as serious crimes... it's no coincidence that Minority Report is getting the once over on TV; everything from Phillip K. Dick is bona fide prophesy.  Well, except for his Exegesis, that was crap.

Back to names for the "God of Heaven" you might see a confluence between J-es-Us, Ur-an-us, and the word awesome, the awesome thing here is I really want you to wake up and read "The Light of Heaven," God shed his grace to deliver freedom, welcome to the foot of Sinai.  Speaking of, you might find El Shaddai, Ad-on-ai, Sam-ur-ai, and the biblical city of Ai to be relevant to "the happenings" now a days.  In many of your names there are similar messages to mine (which harbors the acronym for Date of Birth, pointing to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception), in particular I'd like to explain Kurzweil to you.  

K happens to be the element associated with Saturn, that's a combination of "person of time" and part of Uranus (you'll notice something similar in the "hearts" of Saturn and Potassium); it's also a glyph with an arrow pointing to "l" that's the little l of El Elyon, Ellison, and refers to an ancient name of God; the El of Elisha. I see K as being "Adamah" with the arrow being the "ah" of Noah, et al, that means "to swirl around."  Anyway, "K you are z we IL" is a reference to a hidden religious key to the word civilization.  It's about lions (that's what I need you to be) in Zion (that's Earth) and how if we do not have them... noil and noiz; there is no heart of civilization.  Don't let that happen.

It would be great if this uh, I don't know, made the news.  Don't you think?


I thought this was interesting "Why shamayim as Heaven?"
The Indo-European languages use both the singular word "sky" in the plural word "skies." The singular form means the zone in which the celestial bodies appear, from the solar system to the farthest star. The plural form belongs to the poetic vocabulary to connote a region. It is also used as a translation for the Hebrew shamayim, a word that exists only in the plural form. It first appears in Genesis 1 (v. 1), as does mayim [water] that also exists only in the plural form (v. 2).

Kabbalists explain shamayim as being composed of esh [fire] combined with mayim. A different etymology is given in the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, as sha combined with mayim. The sha is a grammatical form of shafel indicating "gives water" – that is, the source of rainfall.

There are many words in Hebrew in which the letter "shin" placed before a three-letter root extends the underlying idea to the utmost. For example, "gush" means "grouping"; with the prefix shin it becomes "shagosh" that means "agitator." "Ger" means "stranger"; with the prefix shin it becomes "shager", that means "to send." The root "abad" connotes "work"; with the prefix shin it becomes "shib'ud” for heavy labor or slavery. Water itself is colorless, but it can reflect the refracted sunlight that makes the air above look blue. This makes the water of the sea or a lake looks blue. Early man could observe the apparently blue sky and the apparently blue water, and suppose that there was water over the sky. Consequently, in the account of Creation, first comes the creation of light (energy) and then comes the creation of "rakia" as a huge dome that separates the waters above from those beneath. Since there are two waters, the word employed is always the plural mayim. At the same time, what appeared to be an immensity of water over the dome was called sha-mayim, the superlative form of mayim.

Gerardo G. Sachs from Argentina recently published his book Ansichten/Opinions in Germany containing over 50 articles on Judaic themes.

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