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5/25/2016 - Revelation 12
Like in January, Janet... this is "Julian, Adam, and Nanna."  You might know us as Seth, Eve, and Adam... either way, this is the small SEA that started it all.​

From Adam, we love you... and miss each other.  Help me un-part this sea; with the power of speech.​​​​​​​


Don’t lose… Hi and learning together.

I am still surprised as the days go by; as someone that thought they knew everything at some magical point in a “revelation” because I was being “informed” from someone that knew… everything — a revelation which quickly and rather overtly told me that the impossibility of knowing everything, and the importance of learning together mere hours or days later… it’s taken me a full 3 years to have what I in the instant thought was an epiphany of a future mistake I would have personally made thwarted by the … It didn’t take me long to see that this epiphany too was part of the “revelation,” and I come to question my own rashness in dismissing the worth of “living a directed learning experience.” Like nearly everything in the patterned trail of wisdom, there are extremes where I personally think it’s obvious — like living through a war not to make war — that there must be a better way. 

On the other hand, as I think critically about the kinds of things I would do at the “starting line” of the future possibilities caused by the awakening that I see is the purpose of religion… it gives me pause to listen again to the words that are so foundational to a “hidden hi” which ultimately serves the highly noble purpose of intrinsically exalting both the learning process — and the togetherness which it embodies. The words are “the race is not to the swift,” and you might see how one could swiftly make a mistake and with the magic power to snap you fingers and right a huge problem like “world hunger” and only feed the poor… without the “hi” I never would have considered losing agriculture or a stable ecosystem as even a possibility… but though I say that, I continue to see how as the question at hand moves from “just hunger” to other things how I myself do not respect the worth of life. Specifically I was thinking of discussing “age” and “Heaven” and suggesting that we simply allow everyone to chose any age they lived as “be that” for… perpetuity. The downside is… of course… losing evolution in Heaven — which is … well, it’s the point of “milk and honey on tap” being a … bad thing for survival. 

I suppose what it is is pondering the “self-adaptation” of the biggest “environmental shift” in our species history… and marveling at my own hubris in thinking I know best. The NT parallel for this in the “hunger question” is … stones to bread, and while it’s an extreme — probably to stand out — a chastisement of “not asking what the poor want to eat — or as Ecc 9:11 states only one line after “the race” begins… “bread to the wise; but the suggestion… of discussing, analyzing, and growing is obvious to me in a new way today. 

While I think I have a “workable solution” to the problem of ending hunger without negatively impacting transportation, agriculture, and restaurants — because of the lack of a discussion on what it is that I am “reading” in religion, I feel that right now… my continued position that in the lack of an ability to freely converse that this particular “workable solution” is one of the singular things that I would “do” here and now. To me it is a matter of assuring that we do… end world hunger… something I just wrote that I am sure we would do — a “better than nothing.” 

My point is that the lack of discussion is the proverbial “nothing.” Or is it an assurance that we will one day soon have roaming “Star-Trek” style replicators offering sparse menus to anyone that wants to try Romulan Ale, Vulcan Toast, or.. is it another reminder and realization that … it is the conversation — the ability to communicate that is literally the Prince Concern.

We are learning so much together, without even knowing it

This is the “nothing” of the apocalypse, it’s a huge amount of learning that I fear might be lost without this clear conversation… as it relates to the “starting line.” You’ll probably agree with me that in spirit and in truth we are starting well ahead of that point, at a place that might look like the Winners Circle, but without the “together” it’s really closer to the final lap’s flags.

Clearly it would be wrong to be at the “finish line,” just like we aren’t racing against each other but against ourselves… as the words Ecclesiastes imply. What’s obvious to me is that we do not see the “help” as being … more thanour “discovery,” but also how our discovery is sourced in this “revelation together” that is such a shining example of what we are that I already missed how this collaboration has laid the foundation for revolutionary new ideas in very related but “unlinked” endeavors. The specific thing I am talking about is the amazing strides in our “third party application” mobile infrastructure… and how it might aid in solving the problem at hand.

An End to Darkness and … “undiscernable assistance” A.K.A. Slavery

Third party application security gives us a clear glimpse into the kind of interface that might be really, really beneficial into seeing how “inspiration” and “darkness” come from the same exact mechanism — “subconscious communication” and how clear rules and a mechanism for ensuring awareness of “self” might help us to really understand that even with the best intentions and “priceless wisdom” inspiration is still darkness.

So as I reflect on the light of this “dark interaction” literally creating it’s own solution; as I see Heaven’s influence clearly in the “conversation” that is the evolutionary leaps in our mobile communications technology, it reminds me of an old picture of a train I thought was very “clever of me.” It reversed the light, to show that the light was not at the end of the tunnel, but on the train… in a metaphor which implied that we are on a sort of “rail road,” in this revelation. Today it feels closer to Space Mountain, with a group of trains signalling “turn on your phone” together in morse code… and from the line if you saw it in the sky you might think they were talking to you.

In our “real life metaphor” though, there is no line, and the trains are talking to each other. Did you see the signal?

A parallel story might be “Footprints in the Sand” with one parting writing a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea.. to the other.

If you ever were to read the message in the bottle, it probably says “if you are in line at Space Mountain, look up — and don’t get back on. Write contents of that message on wall.” (and in the sand.)

Don't forget to always do better than nothing.

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