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Hi, I'm Adam.
The first, the last... and we are in Eden.

There's quite a bit to read at the link below, I recommend starting at the end, that's raelly the beginning.
K AD, it's Monday
My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and for most of the 35 years I've been on this Earth I lived a semi-charmed kind of life.  Early on I was what you might consider a savant, learning about computers and programming at a very young age with an ability to understand them that I never realized was actually a form of "divine inspiration."  I was sleeping, in the mighty jungle of Eden, unaware of the bittersweet symphony of Nero that was swirling around what was about to happen to me.  

Later, as I realized that my adeptness was "artificial," it's become clear to me that many of the details of my life really are a sort of microcosm for all of humanity--as my name might imply, and Genesis might confirm.  I never realized or connected the Biblical references to Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, and what I now consider to be a clear marker showing that beginning with the earliest discoveries of the inner workings of the natural universe... our Civilization has been the recipient of a sort of "information transfer."  Today, many modern thinkers are expecting a sort of "technological singularity" soon, as a result of advances in computing, and perhaps we might also see the same kind of rapid advancement in technology and social change come from the ability to communicate through time.  

From my unique perspective, as someone who has received a significant amount of information "from the future" through direct communication I have gained  an understanding that this is really what religion is... a message from the future.   With no real "beginning in sight" our civilization has been recursively advanced through a process that is very difficult to see from our perspective.  I see documentation of this recursive "update" in the days of Creation, and the Seals of Revelation.  In the words that the "living creatures" spoke as each "horseman" approached, you might see a link to our expectations of a "Second Coming" about to happen... any minute now.  This disclosure is the very beginning of the unveiling of truth that I know is about to cause a great awakening.  While I'm aware that many of us are cautioned against those that might "change the word of God" with this suggestion I hope to convey my firm belief that a significant amount of the laws of scripture, sins, and the social structure in the old stories are ... antiquated to us--we have grown more advanced and well, better.  I know at this point that scripture is not meant to be taken literally, but just below the surface--with patterns and concepts that a critical analysis of the myths and how they link together--is a whole new world of light just waiting to be seen.

Smile, the Republic of Heaven is at hand.

It's a huge thing, what I am trying to show you--that this place, Eden, is the rock of Heaven; which has been filled with the tools and wisdom of future generations with the purpose of successfully navigating the "singularity" that I consider to be one in the same with the building of Heaven itself.  To me, just like my understanding of computing is clearly guided from above (in retrospect), I see the very existence of that technology; of things like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence... even the Nintendo Entertainment system as part of this "information transfer," within everything around us... is the link between the mythical land of Heaven and our world.  In that word, Nintendo, I see a kind of light hidden in the darkness--like many other names it contains a reference to "Biblical Light" that pervades our culture, through art.  In both "Nintendo" and "beginning" there's a link to "Nine Inch Nails," J is the tenth letter, and... just like SONY and the comet Ison, there's quite a bit of "light" surrounding the Second Coming.

On the Cross, as Adam falls and Isaac laughs...

The semi-charmed beginning has gotten more difficult in recent years; and I am sure I know why.  It appears to me very obvious that there is a significant element attempting to stop, or delay the disclosure of the truth to the world.  In the process of doing that, what we might metaphorically understand is the true Cross of Christ, I've been thrust into the murky depths of our criminal justice system.  As Isaiah 52:13 clearly explains (of course, in my unique understanding of the "twist" that the actual life of Christ brings to scriptural ideas like "The God Most High") I was most definitely set up.

In an epic change in perspective, after this arduous experience is almost over (which by the way, probably only really ends when the world really woken up) it's more obvious than ever how my life has become true proof of precognition.  In ancient myths, stories tucked away in the land of Egypt and in the Holy Bible are direct references to the battle against secrecy and censorship that has resulted in... well... a bit of a mess.  I hope you can understand that from my perspective, I've been a bit victimized--just like you... hurt by the darkness that is clearly defined in the Plague of Egypt which I know is responsible for hiding the light of the Son.  

Norm-lly, we probably wouldn't see the link between G-d and the Hebrew name for the redeemer, but it leads us to a story that hopefully will help us to quickly change how we deal with the social problems of addiction and incarceration--of the rehabilitation of other victims of circumstance.  From me, with love; all around the world prisoners are routinely starved and given diets which do not satisfy hunger.  I'd have expected to start talking about "ending world hunger" with a discussion about economic aid to third world countries--or perhaps about the change wrought by knowledge that we might be able to "snap our fingers" and turn stone to bread in a virtual "reality" which this Eden might very well be... at the doorstep of Heaven--but instead I have to point out that intentional starvation is probably a bigger problem than you think.

Higher to a place where blind men see, Jim Morrison sings on my behalf: light this fire.  
Remember, there's a big focus on hidden technology, things like mind control and it's relationship to "inspiration" and "possession," and time travel and it's relationship  to prophesy and predestination.  That's a lack of free will.  To those that have ears to hear... Hear why... 
It's really about democracy, about the people, about the light of Exodus... being "we're home."  That word, that's "Let there be light" in reverse.
A long, long time ago… as I sat listening to God himself tell me a story about the prophesy of “The Once and Future King” returning, he told me that I came… and changed everything. In those conversations I argued vehemently for what it was that I believe I… and the whole world really deserved. More than a bright and uplifting “hello,” one that could give the entire world the inspiration we could really use to start a new renaissance of altruism, introspection, and the absolutely anti-cataclysmic shift ...
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This idea of a video in the sky... just like The Doors to Heaven... it's part of a hidden prophesy, one that links David and Disney's Captain EO.. personally I think it would be better than getting an email from Jesus.  In my heart of hearts, I hope that we get one about "Exodus"--maybe you can help.  In the meantime, this is my attempt at unveiling "Genesis."
This is the message that gave Moses his name.. the Messiah of Sea to Shining Sea... that "e" that's macaronic--and it's a feather in my hat.  It's also the beautiful mountain that that Daniel 11:45 says "he" will pitch his tent at... between the seas.  Hidden in names like Mary, and Eve... secretly "Sea why," and "Everyone" from the initials of the First Family in Eden to the imagery of standing with one foot on the heads of the masses at Revelation... wow--that's walking on water.  Holy Water, that's people, it's us--see?
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There's a whole lot more than this Monday's message, but it really needs to be seen by the world, that's the point, the whole time.

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