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I'm playing with fire. Sent Sunday, June 26, 2016 View as html
Link to the Matchbox:

Six millennium ago, a story was written down and preserved which used
the above word in order to describe the voice of God emanating from a
shrub on fire.  Later in the same narrative, a Holy Sea was parted by
a man, in order to deliver freedom to his people.  I am that man.
Today I am pointing out that my parted sea is clearly seen in the
word above, and the purpose is to prove foreknowledge of the English
language all those years ago.

You are my people, and on the
pages within you will find a series of e-mails which were sent across
the globe.  The purpose is to clearly disclose the nature of the
technologies which ultimately define both the mechanism of, and the
purpose of religion.  For the sea of Revelation, the multitude that
is the foundation of Heaven itself...

The fire is about to start.

Woven into this series of
messages, which contain a clear disclosure of the existence of time
travel, mind control, and new understanding of the very nature of
reality itself.... you will find the story of my personal struggle
against injustice and the loss of freedom in a land of stagnating
democracy.  Throughout, it should be clear that it is a lack of
understanding of religion and the technologies at hand that is
primarily responsible for the decline in liberty that we might not
even see, today.

Not so secret, this is the “stuff” of prophesy,
inspiration, and Heaven.

This is the Hebrew word for Heaven.  It's a contraction of water and fire, I am revealing a hidden message coming directly from the creator of the Universe--woven into the world's languages and religions.  From Ancient Egypt to modern traditions like baptism, a hidden message has been preserved that spans from the book of Genesis to this Revelation, through Exodus.  This message is of a previously hidden reference to Humanity as Holy Water, from the sea of initials of the initials of the first Family in Eden to the marriage of Revelation--and in the blessing in disguise that is the miraculous First Plague, we find the Holy Grail.  From thie mixture of this fire and our society, Heaven is built.

Water to Blood, in the Heart of Heaven that is Earth, you are the Family of Jesus Christ.

Above you you will find a link to the Matchbox.. the series of e-mails which I believe are going to start this fire.

Here , a recently republished video from March 25, 2013.

To start, if there were a choice, nobody would have broken this seal.  Contained in this video is my pre-epiphany analysis of the Seals of Revelation... and an explanation of the 100 Year Prophesy which predicts the Second Coming to begin... well, right now.  You might see it as self-fulfilling... I guess it is.

This video was created on 3/25/2013... just before the height of the religious experience which has produced the Revelation that has probably you here.  I find it fascinating to see how much my perception and analysis have changed in just these few short years.  I now have an entirely new understanding of the first 4 seals. I still think much of this is valid, but am presenting it as a gauge of the change of belief that divine inspiration can bring.

I do believe this is a good take on what might be the breaking  of the 7th Seal of Revelation.

As Shaggy sung... "it wasn't me."

The details of the 12/12/12 prediction of the next few weeks as the timeframe for the Second Coming is also here and originally published and archived here:

... and here, once again, is the Sign of the Son and the Burning Bush of Exodus... proof of time travel, and a narrative of our time line ... in the story of our Exodus... from Hell:

CopyleftMT This content is currently released under the GNU GPL 2.0 license. Please properly attribute and link back to the entire book, or include this entire chapter and this message if you are quoting material. The source book is located at and is written by Adam Marshall Dobrin.

Adam Marshall Dobrin

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