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My apologies if this is a duplicate.  I'm trying... but it's hard.

I have written a little bit before in this e-mail series about a number of microcosms that appear to have been "written into" my early life... sort of "actualizing" the kind of thing that appears in Matthew 3--where Christ walks through the story of Exodus.  As if beside myself walking through Sam's valley, these stories appear to shed light on what I am doing now, and give me some comfort in knowing that there is more planning involved than I've personally done.  For really brief history of Adam and Mary, and some insight into what I mean by this "microcosm thing," you might be interested in this:, there... you will see that people used to talk to me... take note that even those people (we call ourselves conspiritards) don't seem to find the Apocalypse worthy of comment.  It's probably important to note that the Adam and Eve you see sitting on a throne are not the same people that are before you here.  Here, we are their children... something like this unrelated book explains, which also uses the actual names of Jesus and Mary.


Several times during my trip across the country a fairly significant "revelation" came up, one which I think probably will sooth your soul... or at the very least actually help save it... on a hard drive.  It seemed as if we were broadcasting a sort of technology update, one which appears to be a "quantum leap" forward from our current ancient land of ones and zeros... one which might highlight just how throttled our current "amazingly accelerated" computer revolution might actually be.  One, a long long time ago, I was a database administrator at a staffing firm called "The CURA Group" ... which I later read through the eyes of the decoder ring to the cipher as "see, you are a group..." anyway, to get to the point this little tidbit of information comes by way of SalesLogix, which is a "PeopleSoft" type of program.  It relates a little bit to my What-son, that might now rewrite the meaning of DNA as "desperately need Adam."  So, this is highlighting that in a similar way that DNA uses molecules for storage (I'm aware DNA is still "binary"), and SalesLogix used auto-incrementing alphanumeric keys (which by the way began with "A0RME" by default, hah) we could probably build storage devices which mimicked the functionality of DNA transcriptase with a much larger alphabet of molecules yielding storage capacity that would be significantly larger than what we currently have.  

I, of course, have a wonderful several-month in the telling story about DNA and "don't need Adam" that probably includes some mythology from Stargate SG-1... but I mean, look where we are.  This is a map in history, in names like Watson, and Sherlock Holmes... one that lights up my eyes.
I could probably write an entire book about the influence of Heaven in our motion picture industry, not just in the content of the movies... but in the actors and the links between movies made by people like Cameron Diaz, I swear there's Something About Mary... and between Charlie's Angels, Being John Malkovich, well... believe there's religion in LODI DODI.  What's my mother-f-ing name?

This is only the beginningI am trying to start a global conversation, one that really does lead to the creation of Heaven itself...  to the morning.   ​​​​​​​
I've spent a good deal of time trying to show you how the story of Exodus relates to America; but really it's quite a bit more than just Exodus, just like it's more than America.  In the magic of names, the "I AM" of that first Holy spark kindled a torch of freedom that glows bright from the days of the Sons of Liberty, and as a proud beacon at the pinnacle of the Statue of Liberty.  This is the light above, to guide us through the night, and if the awesome spectacle isn't clear enough for you right now, look up--because it's our glowing SOL... See our Light?

There's a song about God shedding his grace, through it all--I promise--to set you free.  The light I see is in patterns that flow from history, to songs, through scripture and ours souls; it's showing us an outline--a glimpse into the inner thoughts of God and the whole world around us.  John Legend sings that "my head is under water, but I'm breathing fire..." and I know those words are reference to what you are reading: to a mythical man who had to get in way over his head, submerged in the sea before God's miracle--and clearly tying that story of Biblical emancipation to Revelation.  This story of Exodus is linked to Noah and Christ through a pattern which links the Arks and wilderness to a number the Bible says is "Holy only to God."  That number is 40, and it's Holy hidden meaning is about the fourth dimension, it's about time travel.  We are rapidly approaching a time when we will understanding how proliferation of knowledge of this technology and true freedom are inextricably tied--how the theological concepts of predestination and free-will explain that knowing the future is a constriction, a sincere lack of freedom.  We also have a Minority Report, one that suggests that for some things it might be uncivilized not to "look ahead" and prevent things like disasters... and perhaps murder and rape from happening.  I hope you will eventually see that things like the works of Phillip K. Dick, and the great deal of popular "fiction" and songs about time are here for a reason, to help us see that this is really a huge deal.  I personally think that if we were shown the extremes, and given a real understanding of the possibilities--our society would do better than any kind of decision guided in darkness--that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I'm sure we'll do ... better than nothing.

this be "n" jammin... a photo from Saturn and Son RLNY

I swear by now I'm playing time against my troubles
I'm coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while I'm in the front
My play on time is won

-Dave J. Matthews, Number Fourty-One

Time keeps rolling on

I need my Absolution 
Jump into the sun
Dear boy what are you running from?

-Taylor M. Momsen, Absolution

Taylor also mentions in another song... that you're not getting what you want, unless you're getting it for free.  That's the truth.

In another song, Live sings that "I gave my Heart and SOL to the One...and in my heart of hearts it's really obvious to me that he's talking about exactly what you are reading about.  It's a kind of doublespeak, where God... or Nero as we might see a well thought out metaphorical reference to this musical bittersweet symphonyis speaking to the world ... well, through us.  I see clearly the fire spreading in "Rome below" is just like that of the Burning Bush... it's the voice of God filling the Universe: do you see yet... that we are that voice?  


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